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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chocolate Drizzled Pumpkin Cookies

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It's fall-ish guys! This is exciting. In my opinion, September and October are the very best months. My favorite pumpkin recipes are starting to reemerge and this one should be added to your list of things to try this fall.  It's a soft and chewy pumpkin cookie that's drizzled with chocolate. 
Soft and chewy pumpkin cookies drizzled with dark chocolate

These pumpkin cookies are soft as pillows and very pretty too. Make these for a potluck or for a Friday night family night--either way, they're sure to be gone before the end of the evening.

If you're not up for making actual cookies an alternative would be to make these into cookie bars and then spread the melted chocolate on top of the bar cookies.  Because sometimes you really want cookies but don't want to actually form the dough into balls...been there done that a time or two.

Soft and chewy pumpkin cookies with drizzled dark chocolate

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Slow Cooker (Crock-pot) Cashew Chicken

This crockpot cashew chicken is just as good as your favorite Chinese restaurant.  It's super easy and flavorful and it's all made in the comfort of your own kitchen.
This crockpot cashew chicken is just as good as your favorite Chinese restaurant.  It's super easy and flavorful all made in the comfort of your own kitchen.

This cashew chicken recipe comes from year one of my blogging (2009!). It is one of my favorites (and your favorites too) so I decided it needed to get a second wind with better pictures. Also I really just wanted to make it for dinner last night!  My husband had one bite and gave me the signal that it was a 10! The only complaint my family made was that there wasn't enough.

This crockpot cashew chicken is just as good as your favorite Chinese restaurant.  It's super easy and flavorful all made in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Slow Cooker Sweet and Tangy Pulled Chicken Sliders with Cucumber Slaw

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Are you ready for some football?! These simple to make and delicious to eat pulled chicken sliders with a crispy fresh cucumber slaw are perfect for your game day party.

It's been a rough month in the Petersen household. Greg, my husband, is having major withdrawals from football. It's been 207 days since the super bowl and he simply CANNOT WAIT for football to start next Thursday (Michigan vs. Utah). Oh man, he just LOVES his football. He is like a kid on Christmas starting on September Saturday mornings. It's like he can't even sleep he's so excited. We are major Ohio State Buckeye fans in our household and last year was just like a dream for him when they won the undisputed national championship. We're hoping for good things again this year. 

Now, I must say that I actually really like college football too. And part of the fun of football is, of course, the food. I love the chips and dips and wings and really all of it! This year I'm stepping out of the box just a bit and bringing these delicious sliders to the table (er...couch) for game days. And you can bet that these babies will be gone before halftime (maybe even the first quarter).

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

(New) Slow Cooker Meal Plan for an ENTIRE Month

Oh my goodness! Life has gotten just a little bit crazy for me lately. I attribute it to my son signing up for football and my daughter trying out for a community play. Not to mention the homework battle that I deal with each weekday! Oh my. I can't believe the craziness that can happen over a 10 minute homework assignment. And then we have bedtime that has to happen earlier because it's so important for kids to get a good night's sleep (and for me to have my TV time in the evening :). Can you relate??  I KNOW that you can. I have two kids and I feel a little nutty sometimes. I can't imagine having 4 kids (or more) and dealing with twice as much busy-ness. 
A new and awesome slow cooker meal plan for an entire month

I want you (and me) to make our lives just a bit easier. Let's plan our meals. Or better yet, let me plan your meals for the next month. Crockpot meals can be made at a slower paced time of the day (cuz you know that 5-7 pm is definitely NOT a slow paced time of the day). Use this meal plan and the crockpot to get your life a little less lunatic. This meal plan uses a theme for each night of the week (just like The Food Nanny suggests).  The themes are comfort foods, lettuce wraps or salads, Mexican, soups, sandwiches, and pasta.  Feel free to switch the days and the recipes around however you like. I hope this is helpful to you.  And make sure to tag your photos on instagram with the #365dayscrockpotblog hashtag so I can see what you're making!!!