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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Order your cookbook now!

I currently have 3 cookbooks available.

Slow-Cooking Fast!
The most recent cookbook is called Slow-Cooking Fast!  It contains over 200 slow cooker recipes each with a picture.  This book contains mostly fast and easy dinner ideas.  I am so proud of this book!  I know it will help you get on the ball with dinner.

Get the cookbook online
Get the cookbook in stores: (call stores beforehand to make sure they have it in stock)
  • Deseret Book
  • Seagull Book
  • Costco (intermountain region)
  • Sam's Club (intermountain region)
  • Walmart (intermountain region)
365 Days of Slow Cooking
My first cookbook, 365 Days Of Slow Cooking, contains 365 different slow cooker recipes including appetizers, breads, entrees, sides, desserts etc.  It contains the best recipes from my first 2 years of blogging.  It is a great resource and is perfect for a wedding gift.

Order your copy online:
Seagull Book
Deseret Book
Barnes and Noble

Or buy in the following stores:
Deseret Book
Seagull Book

You may also get the e-version of the book on Kindle:
Kindle Edition

From Freezer to Crock to Table

This awesome and helpful e-book is only $3.99 and it will help you make 20 crockpot freezer meals (enough for every weekday of an entire month) all made in 2 1/2 hours!!  These meals will simplify your life and help you get dinner on the table no matter how busy you are.  
Order your copy here and download it today!


  1. Congrats on the Des News article today!

    Wow! Caramel Chocolate Cake in a crock pot?! So creative!

    Donna Kelly

  2. It is nice to read success stories. It gives us motivation and provides us with the reason to keep on trying.
    I love the rating system!!!

  3. Is there anywhere in Edmonton AB. Canada where I can purchase your cookbook?

  4. LOve the cafe rio chicken! Without your wonderful ideas, my family would starve! so thanks!:)

  5. What is your email address? I do not have outlook express working on my computer, therfor, I am unable to email you my info to order your wonderful cookbook.
    Thanks so much!
    Jen Morton

  6. Tried to pre-order 4 (gifts and for me); I am on the wait list!! Yea!!

  7. Would love to win a copy of your 365 days of slow cooking.

  8. This is just what I am looking for. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Only way to cook with our busy lives.

  10. Do all of the recipes include pictures? Thanks!

    1. No. About 1 out of 3 have pictures.