Cajun Sausage Potatoes and Green Beans

Instant Pot

Instant Pot Cajun Sausage, Potatoes and Green Beans–a quick and easy one pot meal of cajun-style andouille sausage, red potatoes, fresh green beans and sliced mushrooms.

Broth | Sausage | Potatoes | Salt Pepper | Green Beans | Mushrooms Cajun Seasoning | Butter



Pour chicken broth into Instant Pot. Chop the sausage and veggies. Add the sausage, potatoes, green beans and mushrooms into the Instant Pot.


Sprinkle the cajun seasoning, salt and pepper into the pot. Toss well. Cut the butter into 8 pieces and toss them into the pot. Pressure cook 3 minutes.


When the timer is up perform a quick release by moving the valve to venting. Remove the lid when you can. Gently stir the contents of the pot.


Scoop onto serving plates or bowls and enjoy.

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