Cowboy Caviar is a fresh and colorful dip that is perfect to serve at any party. Everyone will be asking you for the recipe! This version uses ingredients you can get any time of the year.

Dried Or Canned Black-Eyed Peas Good Seasons Zesty Italian Dressing White Vinegar | Water Corn | Petite Diced Tomatoes Salt | Cilantro Green Onions | Pickled Jalapenos



If using dried black-eyed peas, add water,  salt and dried black eyed peas into your Instant Pot. With lid set to seal, cook for 8 minutes. When time is up let the pot sit for 10 minutes and then move valve to venting. Drain and rinse beans. Set in fridge to cool.


In a large bowl add the black eyed peas, Italian salad dressing mix,  vinegar,  water, oil, corn, tomatoes, garlic salt, cilantro, green onions and jalapenos. Stir.


The longer you let it sit the better it will taste. I suggest letting it sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. But if you can’t wait you can eat it right away. Serve with tortilla chips.


TIP: You can use canned black-eyed peas. Drain and rinse in a colander and mix with the remaining ingredients.

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