Maverick Salad

Top Gun

Top Gun Maverick Salad - Spinach salad with wheat berries, strawberries, goat cheese, pecans and dressing. A perfect summer supper or side dish.

Uncooked Wheat (Wheat Berries) Water | Salt Baby Spinach | Strawberries Pecans | Goat Cheese Mandarin Oranges  Poppy Seed Dressing



Add wheat berries, water and salt to Instant Pot. Cover and secure the lid. Make sure valve is set to sealing.  Set the manual/pressure cook button to 30 minutes. When time is up let the pot sit for 5 minutes and  then move valve to venting.


Dump the wheat berries into a colander and rinse well with cold water until they are cool to the touch.  Set aside. (If making ahead of time  store in the refrigerator until ready to toss the salad).


In a large bowl add the spinach, strawberries, pecans, cheese, oranges and wheat berries. When ready to serve, add in the dressing.  Toss well with tongs so that all the spinach has dressing on it. Serve immediately.


Some additional ideas you can add in: blueberries, chopped apples, bacon crumbles, chopped and cooked chicken and minced red onion.

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