Instant Pot

Pumpkin French Toast Casserole

Instant Pot Pumpkin French Toast Casserole With pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice and streusel brown sugar pecan topping this is the perfect fall breakfast or treat.

Bread | Milk | Eggs | Sugar Pumpkin Puree | Vanilla Pumpkin Pie Spice | Flour Brown Sugar | Pecans Melted Butter



Cube the bread. Place it in a deep dish. In a bowl, whisk the milk, pumpkin puree, eggs, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla. Pour over the bread.


In a bowl stir flour, brown sugar, white sugar, pumpkin pie spice, chopped pecans, and butter.  Crumble streusel topping over the bread.


Pour water in the Pot. Cover the dish with foil. Place on a trivet and lower in. Cover and seal. Pressure cook for 15 minutes. Let sit for 10 minutes then vent.


Remove the lid and foil. Use an air fryer lid to brown up the top of the casserole by cooking for 3-5 minutes at 400 degrees. Serve topped with syrup.


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