Instant Pot

Celebration Casserole

Instant Pot Celebration Casserole–cheesy chicken pasta with a unique ingredients that make this dish pop… a party in your mouth! An easy dump and go recipe with only a 4 minute pressure cooking time.

Broth | Pasta | Sweet Corn Picante Sauce | Chicken Sour Cream | Mayonnaise Cajun Seasoning | Cumin Garlic Powder | Colby Jack



Pour broth into Instant Pot. Pour in the pasta. Dump corn and picante sauce on top. Don’t stir. Cover and seal. Pressure cook 4 minutes. Vent and remove lid.


In a bowl, stir sour cream, mayo, cajun seasoning, garlic powder, and cumin. Stir a cup from the Instant Pot into the sour cream. Add to the Instant Pot.


Stir in the cooked chicken. Sprinkle with the cheese and let it melt (I sped up the process of melting cheese with an air fryer lid).


Scoop onto plates and serve topped with desired toppings.

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