Instant Pot

Amish Poor Man's Steak

Instant Pot Amish Poor Man's Steak–This traditional recipe has been enjoyed by Amish families for years, but step into the modern kitchen and you can make this recipe with your pressure cooker.

Ground Beef | Milk Crackers | Onions Garlic Powder | Pepper Seasoned Salt | Broth Worcestershire Sauce Mushroom Soup



In a bowl, mix beef, milk, saltines, onions, seasonings, and Worcestershire. Shape into a loaf and place onto a plate. Cover. Refrigerate for 8 hours.


Cut loaf into slices. Turn Instant Pot to sauté. Sear slices until browned. Remove steaks. Add in broth. Place the steaks back into the pot.


Pressure cook for 5 minutes. Perform a quick release or let the pot sit until you are ready to serve.


Move steaks to a platter. Stir the cream of mushroom soup into the Instant Pot. Turn to sauté and whisk well. Heat through.


Serve the gravy over the steaks. Eat and enjoy!


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