5 Easiest Things

To Make In The Instant Pot

5 Easiest Things to Make in the Instant Pot–These 5 foods couldn’t be easier to make! The Instant Pot takes out the guess work and hands-on time. Try it today and you’ll see how amazing it really is!

You can make fluffy, moist baked potatoes in your instant pot without using any foil! It only takes a few minutes as well. Find out on my website!

Baked Potatoes


You can cook all types of rice in your instant pot! Each kind takes a different amount of time, so I've made a chart you can follow. Tap the link for more!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Making hard boiled eggs in the instant pot is the best because they are so easy to peel and don't turn gray. Perfect eggs!


Cooking dried beans or lentils in the instant pot is way faster than on the stove, and a lot easier too! Check out my chart for all legumes!

Pot roast is a great beginner recipe for the instant pot. You can also make carrots and potatoes with your pot roast and they will be perfect!

Pot Roast

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