365 Days of Slow Cooking: Recipe Highlight from Archives Past: Root Beer Pulled Pork
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Recipe Highlight from Archives Past: Root Beer Pulled Pork

Today we're flashing back to October 2009 when I made this root beer pulled pork recipe.  I made it again the other day for the KSL morning show and thought I would share it with you again.  It's a bit sweet and a good recipe if you're going to be gone all day.  Cook the pork until it's falling apart.  Mine took 9 hours or so on low.  This is a great recipe for summer since you don't have to heat up your kitchen and you can enjoy delicious sandwiches on toasted buns.  Serve with coleslaw and fruit salad for a perfect summer meal!


  1. Anonymous14/5/12 12:33

    My Family loves slow cooker, pulled pork.Can't wait to try this with root beer...great idea! Add some homemade cole slaw on the side, perfect Summer dinner!

  2. I just got a brand spankin new crock pot ,as i dropped the old one transporting from kitchen to car.Crock hit floor and well ,,, you can guess. :( I found this cookbook on "Inspired by charm" looking thru it ,I came across the Root beer pulled pork .This will be my first creation in new cooker.
    I'll try to win this wonderful book on "inspired by Charm's" giveaway first,even if i don't win ,I will most likly be purchasing it.Thank you.Christa