365 Days of Slow Cooking: News clip from yesterday
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Friday, May 8, 2009

News clip from yesterday

For those of you who didn't see the news clip from yesterday...here it is.


  1. Very cool. I can now say that I know a celebrity. I don't think I could do anything for 365 days, except take a nap, but I can't get even ONE of those.
    Good job and keep up the good recipes.

  2. Great job, Karen! You are awesome! Keep up the good work!:)

  3. You rock! And you live soo close to me! I am lucky! You guys looked good on TV.

  4. I am so amazed how a great idea can go so far so fast! way to go karen!! Your idea has become such a great success!!!

  5. I found your blog & experiment by mistake when visiting The Layton Family blog (Miles & Missy). What a great idea & I admire your perseverance to success. Thank you for the recipes & I will continue to pass this along.

  6. i would have loved to continue reading your blog. im working my way back but im grumpy and those videos that keeps on starting by themselves are too annoying and scare me half to death because im not expecting a sudden noise.
    So ye negative comments are not fun, but i just wanted to give you the reason i dont like the site. I have saved some recipes tho and ill give thos a go, so i have nothing bad to say about the food.